• 01.09.2018

Update Management solution in Azure

Configuration Manager is part of their software update management SUM cycle.

This might lead to Update Management runs where the OS version number changes. On the solution pages, select Log Analytics.

Minimum Recommended Processor Notebook: When installing, make sure to select the Windows Store. Sample queries The following sections provide sample log queries for update records that are collected by this solution: Search logs In addition to the details that are provided in the Azure portal, you can do searches against the logs.

The Log Search pane opens.

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Immersive headset development Note The following guidelines are the current minimum and recommended specs for your immersive headset development PC, and may be updated regularly. Holographic templates Windows 10 April Update If you are doing DirectX development, you can install this package, which includes holographic DirectX project templates for Visual Studio.

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Warning Do not confuse this with the minimum PC hardware compatibility guidelines , which outlines the consumer PC specs to which you should target your immersive headset app or game. Log Analytics seach API documentation.

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Patch Linux machines The following sections explain potential issues with Linux patching. NET Scripting Backend you may install the docs as well.

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There are currently known issues with some hardware configurations, particularly with notebooks that have hybrid graphics. The Unity engine is an easy way to get started building a mixed reality app.

The following query checks for a match on either endianness. This is a limitation of zypper.

Solution overview

Create alerts when critical updates are detected as missing from computers or if a computer has automatic updates disabled. You can also learn how to customize the queries or use them from different clients and more by visiting: Note that not all tools are supported on older operating systems.

This SDK is also supported on Windows 8. This filter is applied locally on the machine when the update is deployed. MixedRealityCompanionKit - code bits and components that may not run directly on HoloLens or immersive headsets, but instead pair with them to build experiences targeting Windows Mixed Reality.

It is recommended to use the addresses listed when defining exceptions. The specific builds currently available, the support policy, issues fixed, outstanding known issues, and release notes can all be viewed here.

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This file is updated weekly, and reflects the currently deployed ranges and any upcoming changes to the IP ranges. Visual Studio also has system requirements.

If desired, you can select to install only the templates without the HoloLens emulator. Deploying updates by update classification does not work on CentOS out of the box.

To use the emulator, make sure your PC meets these hardware requirements: This filters the updates that are applied to those that meet the specified criteria. In some cases, you may be required to re-run the update deployment, to verify check the update log. In Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the package name to exclude is redhat-release-server.

The project is aimed at reducing barriers to entry to create mixed reality applications and contribute back to the community as we all grow. However, Update Management might still report that machine as being non-compliant because it has additional information about the relevant update.

Because Update Management uses the same methods to update packages that an administrator would use locally on the Linux computer, this behavior is intentional.

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